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Ten Notes Make it Easy for You to Get Your First Sate

The first date is always disturbing. We all hope that the first date to understand each other also introduce themselves, are hoping not to mess with each other on each other’s impression, so what is important to talk about, to see the experts to the top ten criteria, chat on the right! Want to learn more about dating skills for Seeking Arrangement Seattle
Any person in the first date, should not ask each other’s past romance. And even should not be mentioned, until the other side to take the initiative to share their own past, to share the past is very private, but also need each other’s comfort circle, it is possible. Directly asked love history, in the first date is definitely not a good start. (But you can cause his curiosity)
2. care about your family
Do not ask love history, ask him if there are brothers and sisters, where he ranks at home, how is his relationship with them, it is relatively comfortable and simple start, and you can still know what he is like a person.
Have you ever been traveling
Travel is always a good topic. From the experience of the past to share, to the future is about to want to go, you can from a person for travel imagination and experience to understand each other’s preferences and interests. For example, if you are a girl who loves shopping, and the other said he is very annoying that Hong Kong is a large shopping center, or you love adventure free sun in the island, but he likes to eat and drink in the big city, you can easily There is a simple imagination in the future. (The girl’s travel reason is very special)
4. like food and drink
The first date if it is static to stay in the restaurant or right, do not just focus on their own things, easy to ask each other’s preferences, revealing your intimate side. During the conversation, you can also pay attention to each other’s favorite food, drink, for example, if the other party likes to eat seafood, you can quickly search you know the delicious seafood restaurant, if the first date is very good, you can take the initiative to say you know there Which restaurant is very good, ready for the next possible date! (Spring heart, from the beginning to eat dinner)
5. Simply ask about business
Know what the other is doing is always good, what are you doing? Future planning? Once experienced Do not have to go deep into his work every day or exactly three years a year five years goal, but very easy to understand what he is doing, to share the encouragement can also be found from the work of this person’s character is not what you like The
6. Talk to his friends
Many girls will have a defensive heart on a friend of men, and avoid talking about his friends. But in fact it is a pity, ask him if there is any good friend? What do you do with friends? You will know that he and his friends get along with the situation, but also better understand your first date this guy, is not a good man! Attention to his friends, absolutely better than to ignore.
7. You like leisure and leisure
Like dancing? Like sports? Love to watch a movie or like that person’s music? From the other side of the usual favorite recreation, you can immediately know that you are not in tune! More importantly, if you both have similar interests, you can open another more in-depth topic for you.
What are you doing on weekends?
This is really a great topic, you can not only know that he was okay when the real state (do not have to work, there is a bunch of free time), you can understand how he arranged his own life, but also a little suggestive disclosure Maybe we can do something together on weekends?
9. Do not forget your body language
Body Language is absolutely important. Talk to listen to the eyes of the time, you can let him know that you attach great importance to what he said. If you really have a good impression on the front of this person, sometimes inadvertently physical contact, two people will rub out a different spark (but note that this is minor).
10. Let the conversation flow naturally
Although two people sometimes share the silence together, but the first date is not suitable for the. Do not just sit there and wait for each other to speak, naturally let the dialogue flow between each other, speak, ask questions, listen, answer, so that each other’s dialogue is full of rhythm and change. The first date, it will be very natural that the two of you the best start!